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Isaiah 55:9

Things this verse brings out in me in order of appearance: 1. a sense that I need to shut up. 2. the same feeling of excitement and frustration I had when I watched Lost. 3. humility 4. gratefulness 5. resignation of will 6. questions 7. hope that I will be privy to some of His “ways” and “thoughts”.   […]

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Isaiah 43:2

Once a year my family would take a vacation to Balboa Island near Newport Beach in SoCal. I learned young that the ocean is a joyful, merciless, awesome thing. There are nice beaches in the world and in my opinion, Newport Beach (especially the section near Ruby’s on the pier) is not one of them. It’s […]

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Isaiah 40:13

I’ve been trying to work out in the morning with my husband. He has the P90X videos and so we’ve been sorta doing those. Full disclosure. I hate them. I hate the instructor, the vaguely industrial work out room they are in, the music, the graphics. I hate every moment of working out. I hate […]

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