Isaiah 40:13

I’ve been trying to work out in the morning with my husband. He has the P90X videos and so we’ve been sorta doing those. Full disclosure. I hate them. I hate the instructor, the vaguely industrial work out room they are in, the music, the graphics. I hate every moment of working out. I hate my jugs in my dumb sports bra. I hate the burn in my throat reminding me how weak I am. I hate how important it is for your health. I don’t have the eye of the tiger in me at all. My sport in high school was choir. But I’m trying to do it anyways for that illusive bodily quality that comes from actually doing it: strength.

I’m kinda over the analogy made between exercising and spiritual growth. I know it’s a good analogy for the way progress is made spiritually- that the time and energy you devote helps shape the progress you make. I get it. But I think there is an aspect of this analogy that leaves out a crazy important part of what this verse is saying.

This verse promises that trust is the mechanism by which to find new strength. And that the strength itself is supernatural. Because when the prophet Isaiah wrote this there were no airplanes. There was no way a human could expect to FLY LIKE A BIRD? He probably looked up in the sky trying to find an analogy for what the strength that comes from the Lord is like… and he saw an eagle soaring high above. And it probably just clicked as he watched it fly. The strength that comes from the Lord is like the experience of flying… it is something above and beyond anything I could expect to do for myself.


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