Easter Project 2015

He is risen indeed!

This week I had the honor of contributing art work to our church’s annual Easter production. I feel very fortunate to go to a church that utilizes the arts and offers folks like me a place to create and play. The song “Mercy” by Phil Wikham was performed live by our radical band as these images were shown on a large screen. It’s what we in the biz call an “animatic” (storyboards exported in a watchable format with music and dialogue). The song basically talks about the fall of Adam, the life of Christ, and the implications for today. Many thanks to Vincent, the maestro of the whole production and to Rick, the guru who edited the images into the fancy animatic with special effects and what not. If it wasn’t clear already- I really dig collaborating with you guys.:)

You can see the piece in it’s entirety on our churches website where they are showing each piece from the Easter production throughout the week.

Below are some of the images in their raw form…


Eden forbidden fruit expulsion life 08_life bethlehem mary jesus water cross back nail crosses  love world  your love


Hope you had a wonderful Easter this year.

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